Established in 1983, HandStands® was one of the first companies to sell mouse pads. Through HandStands® PROMO we offer a wide variety of unique promotional products, from phone and tablet accessories and air fresheners, to stress relief and automotive accessories. 

Our mission is to manufacture and aggressively market innovative, quality and competitively priced accessories through a professional and principles-based organization.

Remarkable Products

We believe in designing, developing, and manufacturing truly innovative promotional products and creative packaging presentations. We understand that new and exciting products promote the world's top corporate brands the very best. We have over 30 U.S. patents issues, and over 30 more pending.

    Remarkable Service

    HandStands® PROMO has built its stellar reputation on its attention to the details of every single order, and superior customer service. Yes, we will do handstands to help you achieve your goals, and make it easy to do business with us.

      Remarkable Experience

      Doing business in the promotional products industry means more than the end product, or even each order. It is the whole experience of working together, in the day-to-day interactions, and in every point of contact.